Thursday, February 3, 2011

3 Quick Reasons why cigarettes and fast food are alike

While day dreaming in one of my classes today I had a strange question on my mind. How will (what's now considered to be) the present be viewed by future generations?

I day dream this scenario often and one conclusion I have come to a few times is the similarities between junk food now and cigarettes in the 1920's.

1.Both have been marketed to children
Really? Is Joe Camel that much worse than Ronald McDonald? He sells unhealthy products by making them look cool and appealing. Kind of like how Ronald McDonald riles up all the children to eat 40% beef burgers with the promise of a toy at the bottom of every grease sludged box.

 2. Both sell "Healthy Versions" of their unhealthy products
What would a dangerous product be without a seemingly safe alternative version of it? Every soda has a diet version or some kind of splenda-fake-sugar rip off (even though they are still bad for you in other ways) How do I see it? It doesn't matter if you have low fat version or some kind of less calorie scam on your menu, to me it's the same difference between Marlboro lites and Marlboro reds.

3. Everyone knows the products are bad but they continue to buy them

Ah yes, probably our most fatal flaw as humans is that if we like something it doesn't matter whether it's made out of rat poison, dog shit, or preservatives. If that product satisfies my indulgence enough then fuck it, I'm gonna eat it...or smoke it.

I may add more to this, for now it's just a test to see what kind of responses I get


  1. Great post man, its good that you're ranting about how advertisement is really fucked up and ruining us.

  2. I like the advertisement real thing comparison. I want the advertised burger for sure.

  3. You make very valid points, I haven't really though about this before but I think you're right.

  4. I think your points are right. I have to confess that i even like Joe Camel more than ronald :D

  5. I'm sorry, I know you are very right...but seeing that Advertising-burger made me so hungry.

    Good post, we have to watch what we eat, too bad these companies advertise their junk products a lot so it makes people think consuming them is the only option to "feel good". Following and supoorting.

  6. Hahaha, I love how some people will get the extra large meal and then be like "oh but I want Diet coke please, make sure it's diet"

  7. you make very good points, but that burger looks so good right now, which is bad because i just ate, lol. This is a really great blog

  8. I know it's wrong, but it feels so right! Following.

  9. Good points! I've never seen that camel before the picture made me giggle!
    Luckily I dont smoke , hardly eat Mcdonalds (too many stories). But have a guilty spot for a full fat coca cola mm :P